A life cycle screening software for designers


EcoDesignStudio is an intuitive tool developed for designers and product developers to help them get to know their products and how to improve the environmental performance. 

Ecodesign studio is good for keeping track of your product's environmental impact. In the tool, you build up your product's life cycle and get results quickly. Based on the results, you can test different improvement scenarios. You can also create libraries for components used in multiple products and efficiently build your entire product catalog. 

Simply model, analyze and improve.

About the course

In this course you will learn the basics of lifecycle screening and eco design, how to build up your products' life cycle with EcoDesignStudio and how to evaluate and interpret the results. You will also learn how to use this tool for improvement and comparing different design possibilities. The course contains educational presentations, in tool tutorials and optional excersises. 

Through out the course starting in module 2 we will model and conduct a life cycle screening of a chair as a demo-product. We recommend you to build the chair along with the tutorials. 

The purpose of this course is that you in the end you feel confident in navigating the tool, building up your products and interpret the results.

  • Duration & study pace

    The course program involves approximately a total of 5h of lecture and tutorial time. You do the course at your own pace and you have access to the material for 6 months.

  • Price

    The price is SEK 2900 ex VAT.

    If there are more of you from the same company or school, we can arrange a reduced price, please send us a request.

  • Badge certificate

    At the end of the course you will get a badge certificate issued by Miljögiraff.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Course presentation

  2. 2
    • Introduction module 1

    • 1.1 Background the sustainability challenge - a summary

    • 1.2 Introduction to lifecycle perspective and ecodesign

    • 1.3 Life cycle screening

    • 1.4 Prepare for a life cycle screening

    • Exercise: Create a flowchart

  3. 3
    • Introduction to module 2

    • 2.1 Getting started in EcoDesignStudio

    • 2.2 Add Bill of materials

    • 2.3 Life cycle assessment overview

    • 2.4 Add supply

    • 2.5 Add distribution

    • 2.6 Add end of life

    • 2.7 Read the result

  4. 4
    • Introduction to module 3

    • 3.1 Understanding & checking the result

    • 3.2 Evaluating result of improvements

  5. 5
    • Introduction to module 4

    • 4.1 Simulation module

    • 4.2 Create a new concept

    • 4.3 Prolonging life time

  6. 6
    • 5.1 Organize workspaces

    • 5.2 Add your own dataset

  7. 7
    • You have earned a badge certificate!

Course administrator

Lifecycle designer

Clara Olsson