A software for environmental impact assessment

SimaPro is the world's leading LCA software chosen by industry, research institutes and consultants in more than 80 countries. With SimaPro, you can assess the environmental impact of products and processes while creating a scientific base that can be used to develop strategies to reduce environmental impact. SimaPro is a powerful software for modeling products and systems from a life cycle perspective in accordance with the ISO standard. A professional all-in-one tool. 

About the course

We go through modeling in SimaPro in detail with concrete cases and exercises. You will learn everything from LCA's basic pillars to advanced modeling in SimaPro. You will learn how the LCA experts handle data, create processes and you also have the opportunity to book 8 individual meetings with one of our experts. 

During the individual meeting, you can ask questions about your specific project to sharpen your knowledge about LCA and modeling skills in SimaPro. The course provides a great opportunity to really immerse yourself in LCA and SimaPro and take part of Miljögiraff's expertise. 

Within the course, there is room for individual adaptions and to raise questions regarding your specific need. Our goal is to help you become independent in the software and create value within your organisation and industry. 


Previous course participant, Environmental analyst

"With the help of clear instructional videos and training materials from Miljögiraff, I have gained a proper insight into how Simapro works and how the program can be used."
  • Date and study pace

    Start: 15/11 & 16/1
    The course program involves approximately six to eight hours of study time per week and the duration of the program is three months

  • Price

    The price is SEK 35,000 ex VAT. If there are more of you from the same company, we can arrange a reduced price: SEK 50,000 for two people. If you're a group, please send us a request.

  • Certificate

    When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate issued by us for completed training.

Course content

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the course LCA with SimaPro!

    • Before we start...

    • Tips & Readings

  2. 2
    • Introduction Module 1: Cradle to gate

    • 1:1. Learn how to navigate in SimaPro

    • 1:2. How to compare datasets

    • Exercise: Compare datasets

    • Compendium: Exercises Module 1

    • 1:3. How to build a product in assembly

    • 1:4. What is the difference between processes and product stages?

    • 1:5. How to create a new dataset with specific data

    • 1:6. How to regionalize a dataset

    • 1:7. How to use parameters and why

    • Quiz - Regionalize data set

    • Quiz - Parameters

    • 1:8. How to calculate impact of a product

    • Upload a picture of your calculation

    • Test your knowledge from Module 1

  3. 3
    • Introduction Goal & Scope

    • 2:1 Standards & frameworks

    • Exercise A: Find EPD & PCR

    • Exercise A: Upload your answers

    • 2:2 Defining Goal & Scope

    • 2:3 Module D in EPD

    • 2:4 Cut-off, Allocation & Polluter Pays Principle

    • Exercise B: Define your goal & scope

    • Exercise B Upload your definition of Goal & Scope

    • Test your knowledge from Module 2

  4. 4
    • Introduction Data inventory

    • 3.1 Data library

    • Finding library in SimaPro

    • 3.2 Data quality requirements

    • Example data quality requirements

    • Exercise A: Assess data quality

    • 3.3 Methods for collecting and documentation

    • Create a SimaPro Collect

    • Exercise B: Create a Collect in SimaPro

    • Exercise B: Upload your answer

    • 3:4 Different assumptions

    • Exercise C: Update report & Model cradle to gate

    • Exercise C: Upload report for comments

  5. 5
    • Introduction Module 4 Gate to grave

    • 4:1 Distribution and user phase

    • 4:2 End treatment

    • 4:3 Waste scenario

    • Compendium Module 4

    • Upload your results

    • 4:4 Gate to grave construction products

  6. 6
    • Introduction Module 5 Allocation

    • 5.1 Avoid allocation

    • Exercise A - System expansion

    • 5.2 Mass allocation & Economic allocation

    • Exercise B - Mass allocation and economic allocation

    • Upload your answer from Exercise B

    • 5.3 Allocation at end treatment

    • Exercise C - Allocation at end treatment

    • Upload answer from Exercise C

    • Exercise D - Allocation of a chair

    • Upload your answer from Exercise D

  7. 7
    • Introduction Module 6 Result and interpretation

  8. 8
    • Introduction Module 7: Using the result of an LCA

  9. 9
    • Introduction Report and Review

  10. 10
    • Introduction Module 9 Handling data

  11. 11
    • Further reading and tips

Course coordinator

LCA Expert

Annie Johansson

LCA expert

Katrin Molina-Besch